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Kaplan University Single Parent Scholarship 2015

Kaplan University is going to give scholarships named Kaplan University Single Parent Scholarship for those students who are taking admission in Graduate and Undergraduate Degree program.

Kaplan University Single Parent Scholarship

Tuition scholarships

Kaplan University’s grant grant applications help put goals within reach.

We do all we can to help you achieve your goals. Take a look at our grant applications that could help you pay for your education here at Kaplan School.

Obama Grants for Moms

You could save a maximum of $750 per term on your educational costs.* Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program for moms.

Unlike student education loans, Kaplan School grants do not have to be paid back. All of the funds you receive apply straight toward paying your educational costs. Our grants could lower the price of your degree by as much as $12,750 for qualified learners.

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Single Parent Scholarship

Military Family Scholarship Program

Outsides Scholarships for African Americans

High School Achiever Scholarship


An Undergraduate candidate must take admission in minimum 2 courses per term and should have cumulative GPA of 2.5 and Graduate students should have cumulative GPA of 3.0.

You must provide proof of your single parent ship via following ways:

  1. Verification via the FAFSA as a single parent
  2. Another form of documentation suitable to Kaplan University

Grant Award:

* $500 per-term Tuition reduction, Max Value – $8,500 for a bachelor’s degree or $4,500 for an Associate’s degree

* $250 per-course tuition reduction and Max Value – $2,500 for a graduate degree

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Finally, For More Information about Eligibility and Application, Log on to website.