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Are Single mothers bad for kids future?

Somebody asked this question in a forum, I am completely disagree with it. Are you guys?

If due to some reason, both your parents have been separated. The cause may be anything, but I am not agree that, if you are not having your father, or you are living with your father only, you are not having your mother, then your future will be bad.

Are Single mothers bad for kids future?

Are Single mothers bad for kids future

Single mothers or Single fathers can also look-after their kids very well manner. There are many types of support have been given by the Government too. You are not alone. Many non-profit organizations and foundations do come with you in taking care of your children.

There are many such actions and sacrifices, a single mothers have to do looking after their kids. A very good environment, they have to create while raising their kids. For this act, I salute single mothers for their sacrifice in their life. They have done a tremendous job.

If your child is living with you at home, you just forget about your breakups and ex partners. The reason may be anything, you just concentrate at your kids and create good environment.

Single Mothers Future Grant Program

Single mothers are not bad for kids future, I want to give light on one point that, if single mothers could not give time to their kids, just put them in a hostel and give good environment to their kids. I am not saying that, if you are working, you can also give good education and upbringing. You do not worry about that. In this term, I can say that, if you are not able to give good nourishment to your kids, then we can say that on that particular time Single mothers has become bad for their kids future.

If any single mother is not having money to breed their kids, there are many such government and private organizations available in your community which can give your financial assistance to take care of your children. Just find out in that case, and care your kids well, so that this statement could become false that “Single Mothers are bad for kids future”

* Are Single mothers bad for kids future?